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Update: Assign Office 365 licenses based on Active Directory groups (version 1.1)

05.12.2017 07:51 | geschrieben von Michael Miklis

Several months ago, I published a PowerShell script to assign Office 365 licenses to user accounts based on their on-premises Active Directory group memberships (original post). I received a lot of great feedback for that script and added some bugfixes and support for multiple assigned licenses. Multiple assigned licenses will occur if your users are []



Using Windows certificate store in Mozilla Firefox

02.01.2017 04:02 | geschrieben von Michael Miklis

Lots of companies are using Mozilla Firefox in their corporate environment. Firefox came up with a great new feature in the latest version it will support Windows enterprise trusted root certificates! No more need for adding certificates to Firefox seperatly using the keytool: Just use the Windows Active Directory Group Policies to deploy your []



Assign Office 365 licenses based on Active Directory groups

04.12.2016 07:51 | geschrieben von Michael Miklis

Ive done several Microsoft Office 365 project with together with some of our customers. In most implementations I was asked if theres a way to assign Office 365 licenses (a.k.a. plans) to users based on their Active Directory group memberships. Most companies have built their entire permission model on Microsoft Active Directory. With Active Directory []



Citrix XenDesktop SQL Database: Display all client connections

18.08.2015 11:49 | geschrieben von Michael Miklis

One of my customers came up to me and asked me how to query the Citrix XenDesktop Database using SQL queries to get a list of all connections that have been made. The first thing to keep in mind is, that XenDesktop stores the information only for a couple of days depending on your []



Creating PowerShell scripts with a GUI

29.07.2015 04:20 | geschrieben von Michael Miklis

Ive created several PowerShell scripts that utilize Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) for displaying a graphical user interface (GUI). The ability to use WPF GUIs enables you to combine PowerShell scripting and professional-looking GUIs not like the old-school HTA GUIs in VBScripts. WPF is completely being build on XML / XAML files and these []



Disable IPv6 in Windows for a specific network connection only

08.07.2015 01:49 | geschrieben von Michael Miklis

Sometimes you want to disable IPv6 only on a specified network interface, instead of disabling IPv6 completely: Microsoft has released a KB article how to disable the individual IPv6 components in Windows but not for an individual interface: I wrote a small PowerShell script that unbinds the IPv6 protocol. The PowerShell script is []



Microsoft Outlook for Mac 15.x activation error -805240834

01.07.2015 01:48 | geschrieben von Michael Miklis

I just installed an EFI update on my Apple Mac and figured out, that Outlook for Mac 15 wasnt activated anymore. I simply tried to reactivate Outlook so I started the activation wizard, entered my email address and password but there was an error: After a little search via google I found the solution []



Get running processes including CPU and memory usage

18.06.2015 09:11 | geschrieben von Michael Miklis

ne of my customers needed a PowerShell script to get all running processes with their corresponding CPU load. This was script should be triggered by their monitoring system if the system total CPU usage exceeds a configured threshold. Theyre running a mid-sized Citrix XenDesktop farm with Server-OS (formerly known as XenApp a.k.a. terminal services) and []



SCCM 2012 Extension: Remove a Computer from all Collections

06.06.2013 10:44 | geschrieben von Michael Miklis

Recently one of our customers wanted to have a extension for his Microsoft System Center Configuration Management 2012 Console to be able to remove a computer from all collections to which it was assigned to. This was truly my first



SESSIONID.EXE – Query Terminalserver Session ID

27.03.2013 09:49 | geschrieben von Michael Miklis

DOWNLOAD sessionid.exe I was looking for a way to display the session-ID of my current terminal server session regardless of the protocol Im using in a batchfile. I tried numerous workarounds by parsing the output of qwinsta.exe or quser.exe




Michael Miklis

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Täglich treffe ich bei Kunden auf spannende und komplexe Aufgabenstellungen. Für die Bereiche Desktopvirtualisierung, Microsoft-Infrastruktur und Scripting möchte ich hiermit einen Einblick geben und andere Motivieren, auch Ihr Wissen zu teilen.

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